Saturday, June 23, 2012

The world's worst jobs

1.Manual Sewer Cleaner

As is to be expected, sewer cleaners are the individuals lucky enough to clear blockages and other problems in sewers. In India, however, it is common for men to be employed to manually clear said blockages. How do they do it? They jump into them and with only minimal protective equipment. That stinks.

2.Animal Masturbator

When researchers conduct animal fertility studies, they naturally must procure sperm samples. And to do so, researchers have three options on hand, and none of them are very appealing. The first involves inserting an electric probe in the animal; the second requires a penis to be placed in an artificial vagina; and the third (and most disturbing) involves manual masturbation.


Embalmers are responsible for the sanitation and preservation of corpses. To do so, embalmers must wash and disinfect the body, replace body fluids with gases and preservatives, as well as wash and arrange hair and makeup if necessary.

4.Hazmat Diver

Hazmat diving is regarded as a dangerous line of work because it involves diving into raw sewage or dangerous chemicals to control pollution, repair damages and general maintenance of hazardous materials. Naturally, the job requires several vaccinations and the donning of uncomfortable helmets.

5.Forensic entomologist

Forensic entomology is the study of insects in relation to criminal matter. The forensic entomologist has the glamorous task of studying rotting corpses and the insects found within them to ascertain the causes of death.

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