Monday, May 28, 2012

The world's craziest bars (part 2)

6. Sugarloaf Kiosk, Brazil

Sugarloaf Kiosk’s bar isn’t as crazy as the effort you have to make to get there. Located in Rio de Janeiro, the mountain-top bar is only accessible via two ways: a 75-passenger cable car ride or a steep 1, 296 foot climb to reach the summit.

7. Floyd’s Pelican Bar, Jamaica

Not the most stable looking establishment, Floyd’s Pelican is a small shack located off the south coast of Jamaica in Parottee Bay. Patrons can often hitch a local boat ride to get to the bar and often stand knee-deep in the water.

8. Zulunkhuni River Lodge, Malawi

A five-hour trek or a five-hour ferry ride will get you to the bizarre but beautiful Zulunkhuni River Lodge in Lake Malawi, Malawi. The lodge consists of four thatched huts next to a bar and restaurant, which are built into a rock cave near a waterfall. Though there is no electricity, you can stock up on the famous vodka-filled watermelons, which are chilled in a kerosene icebox.

9. NASA, India

This space-inspired bar is located in Bangalore, India is replete with intergalactic décor for patrons. The staff serves the goods in spacesuits, and space tags like Fuel Tank (bar) and Humanoid Disposal (toilets) are used. Even better, laser-light shows serve as nightly entertainment, and tables even have rocket fins attached.

10. The Baobab Tree Bar, South Africa

As the name suggests, this South African bar is built inside the hollow trunk of a huge 6,000-year-old baobab tree.

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